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Grapes grown in the nuns' garden

The Monastery of Our Lady and St. Joseph
The community of the Poor Clare Colettines of Ellesmere was founded in 1944.
The monastery has a simple design, but is built on a hill.  This means that although it appears to have only one storey from the front, it actually has two storeys at the back.
The community has a large garden within the enclosure.  They grow fruit and vegetables, but also some flowers to decorate the church with joyful colour.
The monastery has a small number of rooms for visitors in the guest wing.  The bedrooms are simple, there are shower and bathrooms, a kitchen area, and easy access to the church.
There is also a comfortable parlour where visitors can meet the enclosed sisters.  The extern sisters usually answer the door.
The church is also the Catholic parish church dedicated to St. Michael.  All are welcome to attend daily Mass.
The church is normally kept open for people to come and pray in front of the Blessed Sacrament exposed above the altar.  The small arch, where visitors can see the Blessed Sacrament, is double-sided, so it can also be seen by the sisters in their choir, on the other side of the church wall.

Pansies in the nuns' garden

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