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The Habit and Veil of the Poor Clare Colettines of Ellesmere
The Poor Clare Colettines of Ellesmere always wear a habit and veil.
Each part has spiritual significance, but for clarity this page will only give a short description.
The nuns wear a long (ankle length) brown habit (dress), with long sleeves.
A white cord-belt (cincture) with knots for the vows.
A large Rosary variation, known as the Franciscan Crown (7 decades), is attached to the belt.
Nuns who have taken their final vows wear a ring.
The headwear consists of a white wimple (covering all the hair, ears and neck), bandeau (forehead band), and a white collar.

Professed nuns wear a black veil, novices wear a white veil.
Colettine nuns normally go barefoot.
However, simple footwear is permitted outdoors and for health reasons.

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