Contemplatives Devoted to St. Jude
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***A proposed charism which will begin as Congregational Recluses for the CAMM/CCMM Medical Division.***

The Contemplatives Devoted to St. Jude will be the prayer powerhouse of the Sisters of St. Lazarus Raised. 
What saint in Heaven is more deserving of a religious community dedicated to them than St. Jude?  The Contemplatives Devoted to St. Jude will be a cloistered community whose purpose in life is to not only thank God for His goodness through the miracles wrought by the saint's prayers, but also to implore the saint's intercession for our ailing world which is in such desperate need of spiritual reform.  The nuns will also pray specifically for those desparing (the suicidal).
The St. Jude Contemplatives will have a green habit with white coiffure wimple and veil, St. Jude relic medal, and white choir cape.  From their black belts will hang a green 20-decade rosary with St. Jude centerpiece.
The stages of Formation and their habits will be as follows:
Nova (three months): white blouse, skirt, tights, shoes, and veil.
Postulant (one year): black blouse, skirt, short capelet, tights, and shoes.  She retains the white veil.
Novice (one year): white tunic, coif and veil; black belt with 20-decade green St. Jude rosary.  She also receives the white choir cape.
Temporary profession (five years): receives the green habit and St. Jude relic medal.
Final profession: receives gold band.
The community will be bi-ritual, since religious life is service, and religious go where they are needed.
If an aspirant is a Sedevacantist or belongs to another schismatic group, we recommend deep discernment before making application to this community.  Reconciliation with Rome is prerequisite.  May the Holy Ghost be your guide.

"Snatch souls from the very flames of Hell itself!"  The Letter of St. Jude


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The Contemplatives Devoted to St. Jude is a project of the Cloister Outreach Affiliated New Foundations (CONF).

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