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Priory of St. Mary of Egypt
Priory of St. Mary of Egypt
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The "Motherhouse" of the community will be called the Priory of St. Mary of Egypt.  The oratory will be called the "Chapel of the Holy Penitents."  The stained glass window over the altar will depict the following saints around the Crucifixion: 


St. Mary of Egypt


St. Augustine


St. Dismas


St. Mary Magdalen


St. Margaret of Cortona

Next to the priory will be what is commonly known as a "half-way house," but we prefer to call it an "incubator."  The incubator will be on a regular schedule, and will teach former prisoners skills for coping with the outside world.
Very long term goals include the building of an apartment building for those former convicts who wish to support the community--whether as a "tertiary" (lay associate) or who just want to be among those who understand his/her situation--and Christian garden homes, for those who wish to marry.

All Holy Penitents, pray for us!