Sisters for the Relief of AIDS
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***A proposed charism that will emerge as a Medical Division apostolate of the CAMM/CCMM.***

The Sisters for the Relief of AIDS will minister exclusively to AIDS patients, working to make their lives more dignified in the face of social ostracization and death.
The sisters' habit will be black with short black capelet.  Their veil will be a black bonnet, with a large, red silk border which crosses over the heart--to look like a giant AIDS awareness ribbon.  The red silk border will be held in place over the heart by a St. Benedict Medal Crucifix.  In clinical areas, white will be worn.  The veil will be as described above, only the bonnet will be white.
The community may be bi-form, yet adherents to the Mass in the Extraordinary Form, and will make liberal use of the Divine Mercy chaplet and prayers.  Great emphasis will be placed on purity of life and intention.  

The Sisters for the Relief of AIDS
will wear a habit very similar to
the one shown below.


The Sisters for the Relief of AIDS is a project of the Cloister Outreach Affiliate New Foundations (CONF).

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