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Sisters of St. Lazarus Raised

DGAL End-of-Life Issues (formerly CFC)

The Compassionate Friends of the Comatose (CFC)  are a private lay association of the faithful (LAF) without the intention of becoming an institute of religious life.  We have as a goal the establishment of the Sisters and Brothers of St. Lazarus Raised.
CFC is a branch of Dr. Gianna's Assistants for Life (DGAL).

The CFC will have a tiered membership structure.
The First Tier is for those who cannot become Oblates of St. Lazarus Raised due to other commitments, or being non-Catholic. 
The Second Tier will involve making promises, and will replicate the third orders of other charisms. This tier will be known as the Oblates of St. Lazarus Raised.
The Third Tier will involve those wishing to make consecration as deepening their Second Tier commitment.
The Fourth Tier will involve those in the preparatory associations.  Members of the first three Tiers may be involved in Fourth Tier initiatives, which have as a goal the establishment of religious communities.

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Sts. Lazarus, Martha, and Mary, pray for us!