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Sisters for the Autistic
Hermanite Method of Asperger Education

This method was developed--with God's help--by Gemma for her homeschooled Asperger son.  We plan for the sisters to conduct schools using the same method.

1. Rule of Silence.  Most autistics do not like noise.  "Donnie's" biggest problem with public school was the sensory overload.

2. Student-chosen books.  Show the student the curriculum, and then show them the books which could be used.  They will usually pick the books/workbooks which "speak" to them.  The child will know intuitively which books will work for them.  Donnie was insulted by cartoonish, childish illustrations.  (With an IQ of over 120, can you blame him)?

Blessed Herman Contractus and Leonie Martin, pray for us!