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Carmelite Hermits of the Purity Martyrs

The Stages of Survivorship

We offer this as a mere guide, and not as criteria carved in stone.

Infant:  Memories are starting come back.  Reaction is similar to a nervous breakdown.  This is a crisis situation--get them help immediately.  Reassurance that they had done nothing wrong, and it was the perp's fault, might be helpful.
Child:  Very delicate emotionally--looking to others for emotional support and guidance.  Almost as bad as having had an accident and learning to walk and talk again.  Any suggestion of support for the perp means you don't love the victim.  Biggest question in the victim's mind is "Why?" 
Teenager:  aka the plaintiffs.  Lawsuits are filed once survivors are into the "rebellious" teen stage.  LOTS of anger in this stage.
Adult:  Healing has taken place; able to see the perp's side of the story, if the perp was abused as a child, also.  Can become a counselor at this stage.
Grandparent:  Able to become a counselor for survivors.