P.S.I. Part IV -- Finding Maria

Chapter -- Finding Maria

Chapter 1 -- The Shrine
Chapter 2 -- To Build or Not to Build
Chapter 3 -- The Alcove
Chapter 4 -- Popery Aloud
Chapter 5 -- The Scream

Marco nearly gasped out loud when he saw Maria on the back porch of the cabin.  One of his worst fears was realized--a child sat at her feet playing with blocks.  The chances of Maria taking him back were growing slimmer.

Chet gave the signal and complete chaos broke out.  Marco heard Maria scream as two of Chet's buddies grabbed both her and the child.  The FBI took the sheriff by surprise.  After the smoke cleared, the obese sheriff glared at Marco and said, "She'll never go back to you."

Mike led Marco to the van where Chet's buddies had taken Maria and her child.  The two were huddling under a blanket.
"Maria?" Marco ventured.
Maria turned in the direction of the voice, but she looked spaced out.  The look in her eyes nearly made him sick.  She had very obviously been abused.
Mike prompted Marco to go on, but he was hesitant.
"Maybe she didn't really hear you," Mike suggested.  He kept getting the feeling things were going to turn in Marco's favor.
Marco moved closer.  "Maria?"
She looked right at him.