P.S.I. Part II -- The Thaw

Author's Notes

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I wasn't expecting to take PSI past the first part, however the story had other plans.  Part I is longer because it had been swirling around in my mind for so many years.  Part II was different.  Images kept coming before me, and numerous fragments from what I thought would be other stories started coming together into a cohesive plot.  The entirety of Part II was spontaneous, resulting in more writer's block than usual.
I never imagined that Brin would end up being a "real" person, aka Betsy.  Perhaps a little more explanation re: Brin is in order, though.  Most readers think she's based on me and my racing aspirations.  She is, but only to a point.  Brin was put together with the best aspects of the pioneer female jockeys: the fearlessness of the late Karin Yarosh; the pixie braids and record of Barbara Jo Rubin; participation in the Triple Crown like Diane Crump (1970 KY Derby); and the international fame, ability, and again, record, of Robyn Smith (Astaire).  Brin also had an unusual name like pioneer Tuesdee Testa.

As it stands now, there will be two, possibly three, more installments of PSI

      1                 Dr. Tristin Poe is based on my "soul sister" from the NC mountains.
                         "You don't get over it, etc." is the maxim of abuse survivors.
      2                George's reaction was inspired by the movie Adam.  The actor who
                         played John Walsh deserved an award for the scene where they
                         learned the fate of their son.
      3                Obviously, if he's hot, he has a pulse, but someone would have
                         inevitably emailed me to ask if Mike had a pulse.
      4                For Brin to appear so clearly required a lot of energy.
      5                Woman dying from eating nuts -- real incident.
                         Drunk driver killing man's bride -- inspired by local billboards.
                         Baby left at station -- inspired by County Fire's website.
                         Ammunition house -- based on real incident in Knoxville, TN.

    6                   "I Miss You" based on a letter from my affianced while on summer
                         vacation in college.
    7                  "Body memory."  And the reader thinks I'm kidding?  No.  My own
                        perpetrator's daughter went through 20 years of 'body memory'
                        before the vaguest of memories of the abuse returned.
                       Hearing is always the last sense to go.
                       Black Ward LaFrance with Grim Reaper driver was one of the earliest
                       images I received for PSI.
                       Mike's dreams of Rampart--first indication I had that this was all a
                       dream for him.  (But, oh, what reality had waiting for him)!
     8               I kept hearing within, "Take him over the edge!"
     9               I thought the wreck would be another fanfic, but it morphed into this
                      A special thanks to my chiropractor for her assistance with Mike's
                      I also witnessed a t-bone accident in Greensboro, NC.
                      The "Bobby Ewing" situation was inspired by "Television's 100 Most
                      Unexpected Moments."  The Ewing dream was ranked #2 for most
                      "I don't know, ask my wife," is a quote from jockey Laffit Pincay, Jr.,
                      following a racing accident.  The paramedics had asked him where he
                      Grieving the loss of one's sight is the first step to dealing with it.
   10              Pelvic fractures can turn even the mildest of humans into demons.  I
                      helped care for a pelvic fracture patient on the orthopedic floor where
                      I had clinicals in practical nursing school.  If the "team" doing the
                      rolling for linen change doesn't have their timing right, the patient will
                     Cap's house is based on that of a volunteer firefighter from my home-
                     town.  He lived down the street from me.
                     The death of the Stanley twins is based on a real incident involving
                     family friends.
                     The Jockey's Guild finally got legislation pushed through that requires
                     a trainer to pay both jockeys if he takes one off before the race.
   11              "Saturday Night at the Seventies" on WMAG-FM ran a flashback re:
                     The shadowy character prefigures Murder by the 405.
                     Leisure suits were originally designed for women.

  12              Papenfus is a German surname.
                     John Hunt Morgan Park will be "Wisteria Meadows" in 405.
                     Normally, Betsy would not have had her saddle at this point in time.
                     The way I saw the scene, there was a pre-arranged photo shoot.
                     However, this little fact will come out in Part III.
  13              The article was inspired by an article run on Pete Townsend of The Who.
                     The photo really picked up his blue eyes.
  14              Every Kentucky state trooper in my home county attended our family church.
                     In fact, one of them bought the house I grew up in.
  15              Classical Gas  helped with the Dixie scene.
  16              The Post is an actual restaurant at a Holiday Inn off I-75 in Lexington.
                    Track scene came while the Carmen song played in the 1970s.
                    Women riders' lounge based on the first one at Churchill Downs.