Sister Servants of Our Lady of the Carolinas, Virgin Mother of the Rosary


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***A Proposed Charism that will begin as an active apostolate in the CAMM/CCMM Social Division.***

Motto: "I'll Go!  Send Me!"
The Sister Servants of Our Lady of the Carolinas, Virgin Mother of the Rosary, will have both a Vincentian and Salesian spirituality.  Their name comes from a combination of the titles under which the Carolinas are entrusted to Mary:  North Carolina--Our Lady of the Most Holy Rosary; South Carolina--Mary, the Virgin Mother.
The Sister Servants will be women in service to the Lord and humanity.  Whether it be in the running of shuttle vans from impoverished areas to shopping, or accompanying single mothers to the grocery, or assisting wherever else they're needed as, perhaps, an extra hand for the sick poor, they will attempt to make life a little easier for those who struggle the most.  The sisters will go where the people of God need them.
This community springs from Gemma's experience as a mother in poor health, with two small children, and a spouse who not only worked long hours, but was also in the military reserves.
Habit: In accordance with Canon Law 669, the Sister Servants will wear a white tunic with light blue capelet and scapular which have dark blue trim striping.  The veil will be dark blue with red hair band.  A black 20-decade rosary with red Our Father beads and Scapular medal centerpiece will be suspended from a black belt.  A Miraculous Medal will be worn around the neck.  A simple gold wedding band will be worn by the sisters who have made final profession.
Formation habits:
Nova (three months): white blouse, skirt, tights, shoes, and veil.  Miraculous Medal worn around the neck.
Postulant (one year): black blouse, skirt, short capelet, tights, shoes and veil.  Miraculous Medal worn around the neck.
Novice (one year): receives the light blue/dark blue habit, black belt with rosary, and white veil.  She keeps the Miraculous Medal.
Temporary profession (five years): receives the dark blue veil with red headband.


The Sister Servants of Our Lady of the Carolinas, Virgin Mother of the Rosary, is a project of the Cloister Outreach Affiliated New Foundations (CONF).

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