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Reparatrix Magdalen Hermitess


An older vocation from Texas is currently adapting the original Magdalen rule to an eremitic charism.
She has formulated an horarium for herself; is using the customary of prayers; and is incorporating the Divine Mercy devotion into her charism.  She is also designing a habit, which will be basic brown, with a red cord cincture for reparation, a cross suspended on a red tape, and a brown headcovering. 
She plans to take the name of Sr. Mary Magdalen of the Immaculate Conception, and refer to herself as Sr. Concepta.


December 2013 -- The adherent has transferred to another CONF charism.  Sr. Concepta perseveres with her Mercy Magdalen plan of life.
March 2013 -- The Mercy Magdalens have discerned that they are to be the contemplative branch of the Genesians.


The Reparatrix Magdalen Hermitess project is an affiliate of the Cloister Outreach Affiliate New Foundations (CONF).

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