Reparatrix Magdalen Hermitess

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Proposed Cenobitic Community

Cloister Outreach has the original constitutions for the Sister Magdalens of the Good Shepherd, originally founded by St. Mary Euphrasia Pelletier, the foundress of the Good Shepherd Congregation, for the members of "the Class"--the rehabilitated girls who had received help from her congregation.
The Reparatrix Sister Magdalens of the Merciful Shepherd will be the prayer powerhouse for the Good Shepherd Sisters of the Divine Heart of Jesus.  More emphasis will be placed on Divine Mercy, though, than what the original constitutions have.
***Please note: we are not affiliated with either branch of the established Good Shepherd sisters.***

 All nuns will receive the name "Mary Magdalen" as their first name, with a distinctive "predicate" (e.g.: Sr. M. Magdalen of the Holy Ghost; Sr. M. Magdalen of St. Jude, etc.).
The habit for the professed will be identical to that of the Carmelites, only with black binder; veil; and cappa.  A cross will be suspended from a red tape, and a red cincture will be worn.

The Reparatrix Sister Magadalens of the Merciful Shepherd will be an Ecclesia Dei Indult Latin Mass community.  They will worship with the Traditional Latin Mass according to the 1962 Missal, and all prayers will be in Latin.
Discerners who are members of either an autocephalous or sedevacantist church; or a schismatic sect must be reconciled with Rome before making application.  May the Holy Ghost be your guide.