Karin Yarosh, Female Jockey, 1955-1986

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Karin's brief life...

Karin Helen(e) Yarosh was born in _______________ on ___________, 1955.
Her mother, Annelise, met Charlie Castrenze when Karin was still an infant.
Charlie was a chef who was gone from home from 5am to 8pm.
He took Karin to Pimlico when she was three.  The seed for a racing career had been planted.
While still attending Aberdeen High School, Karin started riding lessons from a local trainer.  She also rode motorcycles at break-neck speeds, and to prove her courage, climbed to the top of the Laurel watertower.
Her parents purchased a farm in Port Deposit, Maryland, for Karin's sake.  Her first horse, Sox, came to live there soon afterward.
Karin broke her favorite horse, Latin Humor, on this farm.

I may also use this page to talk about my personal feelings about this star's career. Do I think the star's early childhood history had an impact on the type of role this star took on later? Do I feel this star made some terrible career or life decisions?

Want to talk to Karin?  Go ahead, she'll hear you.  Just talk to her like you would put together words within you while preparing to write a theme for school.  This is known as prayer.

At a Glance

Date of Birth: 1955 
Education: High school
Family History: horses and culinary
First Professional Ride: 1976