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Here, we are simply making a statement that we have information on these extinct charisms, and if discerners are attracted to them, then we will act as coordinators for the project.    We will not be getting involved in the actual foundations themselves--we are acting only as the rendevous point, and will try to be an information clearinghouse.

Celestine Redemptoristines

Dominican Sisters of the Sick Poor (a Dominican priest has pledged his assistance in this matter)

Good Shepherd Sisters of the Divine Heart of Jesus

Poor Clares of Reparation and Adoration

Reparatrix Sister Magdalens of the Merciful Shepherd

Sister Auxiliaries of the Apostolate

The Order of Sempringham (the Gilbertines who started as anchoresses)

The Romite Teatina (Theatine Hermitesses)

If interested in any of these charisms, please email Gemma, with the name of the charism in the subject line. Thank you.

Suggestions for renewals:
1.  The Holy Ghost works on attraction.
2.  Retain a spiritual director.
3.  Be sure to keep a journal of inspirations.
4.  Study the Magisterial documents on the updating of religious life, and apply to the life being lived.
5. Live the life itself as much as possible with modern-day adaptations.

"Do not rouse my love until it please to wake."  (Song of Songs)