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We think this will help everyone--including us--keep up with additions to the site as it grows.  The page being referenced is in parentheses.

January 2017

-- Deleted classified ads due to persistent spam posting (Fullerton Society (for Founders and Friends).

January 2016

-- Added link to article regarding Louisville Discalced Carmelites (Shared Monastic Properties)
-- Added link to Discalced Paulicrucian Nuns (Order of St. Paul of the Cross) (American Cloisters)

July 2014

-- Deleted Society of Divine Mercy and updated links (Fullerton Society)
-- Added Matara (Shared Monastic Properties)

April 2014

-- Added video of Daughters of the Heart of Jesus (home page below Justinian nuns)
-- Added Summit Dominicans' building project (Monastic Building Projects)
-- Changed address for Handmaids of the Precious Blood (Indigenous Cloisters Project)
-- Added Monks of the Divine Mercy & Faustina Nuns of Jesus (Indigenous Cloisters Project)

May 2013
--  Contact box removed from site due to spam.  New email link installed.
--  Some Discalced Carmelite links updated.

April 2013
--  Added Annonciades of France; Annonciades of Italy; and the Poor Sisters of St. Clare; Norbertine Canonesses; Benedictines of Mary (Indigenous Cloisters Project)
 --  Added "Monastic Building Projects" page

March 2013
-- Added "Indigenous Cloisters" page.
-- Updated "Ecclesia Dei Resources" page.
-- Added Fullerton Society website link (Fullerton Society)

February 2013
--  Added Poor Clares of Travelers Rest, South Carolina (American Cloisters)
--  Added Poor Clares of Great Falls, Montana (American Cloisters)

January 2013
-- Entire site updated to reflect less conflation with the Cloister Outreach Affiliate New Foundations (CONF)
-- "Indigenous Cloisters Project" added to "The Cloisters" page.
-- Fullerton Society page updated (Fullerton Society)
-- Added "US Nursing Vocations Drive" to "Our Initiatives" page.

October 2012
--  Added links for Cloister Outreach-produced websites for the First Federation of the Visitation Nuns in the US and Passionist Nuns in the US (American Cloisters)

May 2012
-- Added Visitation Nuns, East Sussex, UK (International Cloisters)
-- Added "Monastic Marketplace" page (after "The Cloisters")
-- Added "Modest Apparel" (after "For Discerners")
-- Updated links for the three Visitation monasteries in Canada (International Cloisters)
-- Added Benedictine Daughters of the Divine Will, Italy (Fullerton Society)

May 2011
-- Added link for Cloister Outreach Newsticker (read-only listserv) (About Us)

Thank you for your support.

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