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Some folks may raise objections that Bishop Anthony J. O'Connell was the bishop I had spoken to concerning the first three charisms.  This was many years before the scandal broke when he was the bishop of the Florida diocese.  I feel compelled to share an experience I had during the same conference when we were discussing these new communities.  I am reasonably sure that he repented of his sin many, many years before the plaintiffs filed suit against him, which is why I've written, "Hands Off Cain!"  As far as I know, he is still an ordained minister, and an insult against a priest is an insult against Jesus--especially if justice has been served.  IN NO WAY AM I DEFENDING WHAT O'CONNELL DID TO THOSE SEMINARIANS!!! WHAT HE DID WAS WRONG, AND I KNOW THAT HE KNOWS THAT.  I would never leave my own two boys alone in a room with him--the laws of both God and man--and common sense--would forbid me to do so.  I hope I have clarified my position on this. 

During my conference with Bishop O'Connell, I brought up the fact that I am a survivor of rather brutal child abuse.  (No, it wasn't my dad, but a family friend, who was close enough to be considered a relative).  As a five and six year-old, I and the man's family endured rape, sodomy, and torture.  My own mom was an incest survivor, but had not recovered her own memories, and therefore did not know what to look for.
Once I had shared this with the prelate, he got this "out to lunch" look in his eyes, and once he "returned," his face scrunched up, and I thought he was going to lose composure.  At first, I thought this was just his compassion for my situation, but another look in his eye--the unmistakable look of a perpetrator asking for forgiveness--told me otherwise.  I honestly don't remember what I did that next moment.  I only remember thinking that if he lost composure I wasn't real sure what I was going to do.
Speaking as an abuse survivor and virginal ex-gay, I can safely say that homosexual behavior is learned.  Who was O'Connell's perp?   Some of the worst punishment that the perps can go through is the recovery of their own memories.
Those who go for "man-boy love" are extremely sick and need extensive prayer, fasting, and psychological help.
The plaintiffs in O'Connell's case have their money and have ruined his reputation.  I cannot agree with their violent pursuit of his life.  Seeking out other victims is only natural, yes, but the constant dogging, no.  Everybody involved needs healing.
The plaintiff wrote a piece supposedly describing the pain of being an abuse survivor.  Nowhere in his prose did I ever hear one wail.  I could write something that would turn his insides out and curl his toenails.
If my own perp would wake up and smell the coffee--and realize that God is crushing the life out of him right now--realize what a wretched double life he's led--he'd die in peace.  Unfortunately, the man is in a deep state of denial, and the demons of his wizard-grandfather surround his sickbed.
But, as for the penitent O'Connell--HANDS OFF CAIN!!!

"Do not rouse my love until it please to wake."  (Song of Songs)