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The Sisters of the Holy Innocents and St. Gianna Molla are to be primarily contemplative in their efforts to lead hearts to choose life.  The sisters will utilize the full spiritual influence of the Catholic Church.  Among the sisters' apostolates will be to organize pro-life Masses, Holy Hours, etc., in parishes, and in their own convent chapel.
The post-nomial initials of "SSI-SGM" will be used.  This is the abbreviation for the Latin form of "Sisters of the Holy Innocents and St. Gianna Molla."
Their spiritual exercises will include the Sunday Mass in both forms--each choosing which to attend.  Daily Mass will be in English.  In accordance with St. Francis de Sales' directives, memory prayers will be in both Latin and English.  (One must know the prayers well in the vernacular before praying them in Latin).
The three-volume set of the Breviary in Latin will be used, and prayed chorally between Latin and English.  The sisters will pray the Salve Procession after Compline.  Community prayers will include the rosary and the Chaplet of the Divine Mercy.  The Luminous Mysteries of the rosary will be prayed on Thursdays.  These and all other prayers will be prayed chorally between Latin and English.
There will be devotion to the following patrons: the Holy Infant of Prague; Our Lady of Wisdom; St. Joseph; St. Michael the Archangel; St. Mary Magdalen; the Holy Innocents; St. Francis de Sales; and St. Gianna Molla.  The community is consecrated in a special way to the Holy Ghost, hence their red habits (which is also for the blood of the Holy Innocents).
Principal feast days: Pentecost; Holy Innocents; St. Gianna Molla; and St. Francis de Sales
There will be designated areas of cloister in the sisters' convents, which we plan to establish in the Knoxville, Tennessee, area.

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