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Habit:  In accordance with Canon Law 669, the Sisters of the Holy Innocents and St. Gianna Molla will wear a full length habit. 
The garb for the different stages of formation are as follows:
Nova--white blouse, skirt, hose, shoes, and head kerchief, bandana or triangle, "Precious Feet" pin on collar, and Miraculous Medal necklace. 
Postulants--cranberry jumper, white blouse, white head kerchief, bandana or triangle, "Precious Feet" pin on collar, and Miraculous Medal necklace.  White hose and shoes are retained, also.
Novices--cranberry tunic with scapular and capelet, black belt with black 15-decade Dominican rosary, and white veil.  A gold cross with the Precious Feet surrounded by a crown of thorns at the apex of the crossbeams necklace is received.
Temporary Profession--the white veil is exchanged for a black one.
Final Profession--the cross pendant is exchanged for a medallion depicting St. Francis de Sales and the Infant Jesus.  On the back of this medallion is an engraving of the cross described above, over which is arched the sisters' prayer which is joined with that of the Crucified for those still under the influence of the pro-death faction:  "Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do." St. Luke 23:34.

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