The Restoration of Gilbertine Spirituality

Eremitical Gilbertines

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The following are suggested religious practices of a Gilbertine Renewal Hermit:
1.  Mass, daily if possible; rosary; lectio divina; Liturgy of the Hours (whatever is available); meditation;
2.  Living the Benedictine or Augustinian Rule while taking St. Gilbert of Sempringham as patron;
3.  Observing the Gilbertine Kalendar;
4.  Chanting the Liturgy of the Hours or Monastic Diurnal in monotone.  If one is able to obtain the Gilbertine Rite, we suggest its use.
5.  "Plate for the Poor."  In our modern day case, buying a few extra provisions, and giving those to the local food pantry would suffice.
6.  Wearing of black, with white sweater or hoodie and white headcovering for women;
7.  Use of "pottage" as one's food.  We suggest keeping chicken, beef, and vegetable stock on hand.  A couple of recipes can be found on the links page, but those are only an example of what can be made.
The first Gilbertine nuns were anchoresses attached to the Sempringham church, living the Benedictine Rule.  The cenobitic rule that was developed is rather difficult to adapt to the eremitic setting.   Only the aforementioned practices are adaptable to the eremitic life.

A modern eremitical interpretation may be either lay or canonical.

If canonical, a Form of Life must be developed and lived for a number of years before approaching one's local bishop.

All are welcome on our Gilbertine discussion group.

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