The Restoration of Gilbertine Spirituality

Gilbertine Names

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These names were culled from "The Book of St. Gilbert."  The Gilbertine Renewal will "recycle" these names.

Agnes -- prioress of Nun Appleton
Albinius -- canon of Sempringham
Alice -- prioress of Haverholme
Alina -- nun of Chicksands
Andrew -- prior of Kirkham
Anselm -- chaplain
Arnold -- Master
 - Alina (nun)
 - Mabel (nun)
 - Sarah (nun)
 - Christina (prioress)
 - Walter (prior)
Clarice -- nun & novice mistress, Sempringham
Cyprian -- prior of Malton
Denis -- lay brother
Divia -- nun of Sempringham
Elias -- prior of Bridlington
Emcina -- nun of Haverholme
Eudo -- prior of Sempringham
Fabian -- canon of Malton
Gamel -- canon of Sempringham
Geoffry -- chaplain of Sempringham
Gerard -- lay brother
Gilbert -- lay brother of Sempringham
Gregory -- prior of Bridlington
 - Simon (canon)
 - Divia (nun)
 - Emcina (nun)
 - Mabel (nun)
 - Matilda (nun)
 - Henry (prior)
 - Alice (prioress)
Robert Holgate -- Master of Order/former prior of Watton
John -- canon of Sempringham
Juliana -- nun of Sempringham
Lecelina -- nun of Sempringham
Mabel -- nun of Haverholme
Mabel -- nun of Chicksands
Martin -- canon of Watton
Maurice -- prior of Kirkham
Nicholas Reysby -- Master
Norman -- warden of Watton hospital
Ralph (de Insula) -- canon and sacrist of Sempringham
Robert -- prior of Malton
Robert -- subprior of Sixhills
Robert -- weaver, lay brother of Sempringham
Roger -- prior of Malton/Master
Roger -- prior of Sempringham
Thomas -- prior of Sempringham
Thomas of Lincoln -- canon of Sempringham
William -- canon of Sempringham
Yvette -- prioress

Watton Priory
Priory floorplans were established in the Gilbertine Rule.

All Holy Gilbertines, pray for us! 

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