The Restoration of Gilbertine Spirituality


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Here are some Frequently Asked Questions:

1.  Will the original Latin Gilbertine Rite be used?
Yes, the original Latin Gilbertine Rite will be used for the Gilbertine Renewal.  Doing so is being faithful to the inspiration Gemma received.
2.  Isn't it hard to learn Latin?
Not at all.  We suggest finding a tape with Latin church songs--which includes the lyrics--and begin learning by listening--and singing.  There are also Latin language programs available--one from Leaflet Missal Company called, "Let's Read Latin" written by gumshoe Fr. Dowling's creator, Ralph McInerny.  TAN Books & Publishers also has a Latin language program called "Latin Grammar."  
3.  I've read that the Gilbertine double houses had three prioresses, each serving a week at a time.  Will there be one prioress in the renewal?
If we have three mature women to follow the call to the Gilbertine Renewal, then there will be three prioresses, and yes, they will serve a week at a time.  This will be in keeping with the Gilbertine tradition, as found in Rose Graham's book.
4.  But historically, the nuns wore white, and received a black veil.
Gemma is following inspiration--and a dream she had as a 12 year-old Baptist (she converted at 16).  She saw what she now recognizes as a Gilbertine canon and a nun dressed as described on this site's homepage, with their hand on what looked like a round-top shipping box.  The background was night, with airport runway lights (which match an airport in this area), and the monk and nun were highlighted as if by camera flash.  They each had one hand on the box, and were very delighted, judging by their smiles.  According to a blind mystic who is entering the Nuns of Our Lady of the Cloister, the box contains the relics of St. Gilbert of Sempringham.  If such are presently lost, then finding them will constitute a miracle.
So, in answer to the question, God's will seems to indicate that the nuns will be wearing black, with white wimple and veil, and white choir cape.  Putting them in white with a black veil would indicate that they are following the Rule of St. Augustine, which they are not.   The nuns followed the Rule of St. Benedict.  St. Gilbert chose the black tunic of the Augustinians and the white choir cape of the Cistericans for the canons, who obviously were founded after the nuns.  Every document on the different priories which we've found has had a different habit description.  What we are aiming for here, though,  is True Memory, and not Nostalgia.

All holy Gilbertines, pray for us!