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"Grey Doves of Carmel"

All new foundations begin as their own third orders/lay associations.

The proposed Grey Doves of Carmel is a private lay association of Christ's faithful who are members of the Teresa's Carmel yahoo group.  The Grey Doves will either be a stepping stone to the delayed Carmels, or, for some members, will become a way of life, similar to a third order existence.
For those discerning Carmel, the Grey Doves will offer a support system through the Teresa's Carmel group.
As with all of our lay associations, non-Catholics; third order members from another spirituality; religious; and religious vocation discerners are welcome in what is known as the First Tier.
The Second and Third Tiers will consist of those making promises (Second Tier) and those wishing to make a deeper consecration (Third Tier).
The Fourth Tier will consist of the preparatory associations which lead to the new Betty Carmels.