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Foundational Updates

April 2015 -- Now that a list of Carmels accepting older vocations has been published on our site, we are suspending the Betty Carmel project until further notice.

If, after attempting to enter other Carmels, the vocations come forward for this project, we will resume foundational activity.  Until then, we have no choice but to suspend the project.

The Father General of the Order of Discalced Carmelites has requested existing Carmels to admit older vocations.

September 2013 -- The seed vocation has taken a full-time job to build funds for the foundation.  She is open to speaking with others concerning the new community.  While this Carmel is for older women, younger women are welcome, as well.  CONF's lower age limit is 17, as per canon law.

July 2013 --  The seed vocation continues to work toward a contemplative life.  Cottage industries are being examined as a means of remunerative work.  Other resources are being assembled and discerned.  The seed vocation is in touch with other Carmels regarding the founder's novitiate.  She has chosen the lay association route, rather than entering a Carmel with the intention of founding from it. 

May 2013 -- The seed vocation has discerned the "hybrid text" for their constitutions (suppression of paragraph 133 in the 1990 constitutions); the extra long toque which comes to the elbow; and the wearing of the profession cross on the scapular.  A 1990 Carmel has offered to assist with the ad experimentum habit.  The Father General of the OCD has been alerted as to the existence of this project.
***There are two ways to found this Carmel:
1.  The group enters an existing 1990 Carmel as actual members; go through formation; and upon final profession, are dispatched as a new foundation for older vocations, or:
2.  The group grows in the privacy of their own domicile, then asks a Carmel for a "founder's novitiate" of one year, followed by three years of temporary vows.  This will require $100 per month per person.  Aggregation to the Order of Discalced  Carmelites would be likely after the Carmel has achieved seven to nine members in final vows.
The only way we can achieve either one, but most especially the first, is to have the vocations.***

February 2013 -- One of the aspirants has come forth and is willing to offer her domicile as the incubator for the project.  There are two to three others working with her at present.  They are working on logistical details until spring, when they anticipate meet-greets.
Both sets of constitutions are being weighed.
The form of Mass will depend on the availability.
The group is working with a temporary set of statutes (how to join or leave; who is admitted; daily practices; distinctive garb) until they are ready to work on the constitutions.
A Carmel for delayed vocations may actually lead to a new observance being grafted onto the Discalced Carmelite tree.  We have vowed, canonical Discalced Carmelites lined up as resource personnel.  Canonical formators will be retained when the life has been lived for a matter of years.

June 2012 -- The name of the lay association may include "Gray Doves," as Teresian Carmels are considered "Teresa's Dovecots."  Distinctive garb may include the wearing of brown with gray headcover.

Lent 2012 --The ladies are looking more closely at the possibilities of becoming either diocesan hermits in the Carmelite tradition, or extern sisters for established monasteries.  They consider themselves a private lay association, and will begin wearing brown.  A name for the group is yet to be decided.  Those drawn to Teresian Carmelite spirituality are welcome in the lay association as well.   
We do not anticipate a founder's novitiate this year.

November 2011 -- The two groups (divided by constitutional adherence) are getting to know each other, and they are discussing locations for their Carmels. 

August 2011--The aspirants have been studying Teresian spirituality since January, to include the History of Carmel, the Rule of St. Albert, and the Magisterial documents.
Due to the aspirant band being split in their Mass preferences, we are grouping them according to Masses and Constitutions. 
Those prefering the Extraordinary Form of the Latin Rite (EFLR/TLM) will be following the 1990 Constitutions.  Those adhering to the Ordinary Form of the Latin Rite (OFLR/New Mass) will be following the 1991 Constitutions.
Statutes governing admissions, etc., are being developed.
The Teresa's Carmel yahoo group will serve as a training ground for common threads for the two groups.  All formation which can be done online will happen in the group.  When that is completed, and the aspirants feel themselves ready, Carmels will be contacted for the sake of the one year canonical novitiate, known as the "Founder's Novitiate."  We are aiming for August 24, 2012,--the 450th Anniversary of the foundation of the Teresian Carmel--for the start of the Founders' Novitiate.
Temporary vows will be made after the Founders' Novitiate.
A formation fee of $100-200 per month per aspirant will be required.
Also at this time will be the search for a diocese in which to reside when the novitiate ends.
As always, we request the charity of your prayers for these women and their discernment.