Consecrates of St. John the Beloved


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We ask that candiates please have a spiritual director.  Due to the seriousness of the vocation of consecrated virginity, and the very heavy penalties for violation of the consecration, we ask that candidates please be in discernment for a number of years.  A personal promise of perpetual virginity (made with interior words with the permission of one's spiritual director) may be made either before or during discernment to this charism.

Since this proposed charism is without precedent (to our knowledge), we will be totally open to the Spirit in regard to candidates.  Those young men under the age of 25 are asked to pray to both St. John the Beloved and St. Therese the Little Flower for guidance.
Women who become Consecrated Virgins are usually over the age of 25, so we are benchmarking their practice to a certain extent.

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