Captain Smith's Christmas


After lunch in the hospital cafeteria, the crew left through the E.R.  A mother and two small boys, one of whom had a very bloody face, came in the entrance.
"Hey, isn't that. . ." Johnny said, pointing.
"Yeah," said Roy.  "The little boy we pulled out of the wall this morning.  Only it's the other one now."
"Hello!" the mother said.
"What happened here?" asked Roy.
"His brother punched him for doing whatever he did to land his head in the wall.  I think his nose is broken."

One of the E.R. nurses said, "Treatment Three," and led the mother and boys to the room.  Dr. Early was already in the room, preparing for the case.  "What's your name, son?" he said to the bloody-nosed one.
"Cain, sir."
"Well, Cain, let's have a look at that nose of yours," said Dr. Early as he lifted the tyke onto the gurney, and started cleaning off the child's nose area.  "Ow!" he cried.
"Sorry," said Dr. Early.
"Ma'am," Dixie said to the mother.  "The lobby nurse will need to talk to you about paperwork."
"Oh, okay," she said.  She held out her hand to her other son, and said, "Come along, Abel."
Dr. Early looked around sharply at Dixie, who was holding the door open.  The nurse shrugged.

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