Captain Smith's Christmas


In the side rear-view mirror, Roy saw the bags of presents lined up against the wall.  "Those must be for the kids at the hospital," he said.
"Maybe we can see Cap now," said Johnny, disembarking the squad.
"I hope," said Stoker, replacing his turn-out coat to its ready position.
Chet stopped in the middle of the apparatus floor; held his nose up; closed his eyes; and inhaled.  "Man, would you dig that?" he said.
"They're eating better than we are today," said Marco.

"We can get some grub at the hospital," said Captain Smith.  "Load up these bags on the hosebed and squad cab and bed.  Lopez, you ride with them, and Gage, you ride in the back.  I think you're both capable of holding on for the three miles to Rampart."
"Yes, sir," they all said.
The more secure bags would ride with Marco on the engine and the back of the squad with Johnny.  The more open bags were put in the cab with Roy.
"Where's Rudolph when we need him?" Roy quipped as he got in the squad.
"On DeSoto!" beckoned Johnny.
"On Stoker!" Marco copied.
"Station 51 10-7 Rampart General for toy distribution," said Captain Smith over the radio.

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