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Contemplatives of Life

The Contemplatives of Life do not have an age limit, save that set by Canon Law--17. 

Disabilities or ill health are not an impediment.  Such can be offered for the coming of the Culture of Life.

For canonical eremites or lay associations with the intention of becoming an institute of religious life, we do require that all other usual impediments to the religious life be absent: dependents; debt; unannulled marriages.
Current priests and religious are welcome to become Contemplatives of Life.  They will be classified as 'lay' CL, since they are not canonical eremites, or members of a CL community.

Gemma at the Cloister Outreach Affiliate New Foundations (CONF) will field vocational inquiries.  Karen from DGAL will respond subsequently after the first contact is made.

Please click here to email Gemma at CONF. We request that "Contemplatives of Life" be in the subject line. Thank you.

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