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Contemplatives of Life

The Contemplatives of Life will have two expressions: eremitic and cenobitic.
They are to be the eremitics-in-diaspora prayer powerhouse of the Sisters of the Holy Innocents & St. Gianna Molla.  These eremitics will reside as close as possible to abortuaries and euthanasia clinics, praying for the Culture of Life to supplant the Culture of Death.
One vocation embracing a pro-life eremitical lifestyle in their own home is all it will take to start this charism.  They will start praying for the mill closest to their own home.
The Priests for Life Parish Matching Program will determine hermitage/skete locations (a skete is a house of hermits).  Hermitages will be opened closely as possible to abortuaries; euthanasia clinics; or research centers engaging in embryonic stem cell research.  As these institutions close down, hermitages/sketes will remain open and apply to become cenobitic in order to make reparation for the violation of the Sovereign Rights of God as Creator of both Life and Death which took place there. .
If a woman wishes to join from a particular parish, and a hermitage is already open to cover the pro-death institution closest to said parish, she will pray for another clinic.  Please check the blog page for skete status before telling us where you wish to establish a hermitage.
The hermits' own parishes will be their community until they are joined by another hermit.  If the sisters have a dedicated/assigned spiritual director, he will have one Mass at one hermitage, to prevent his having to drive to multiple locations.  This will necessitate the hermits having transportation.  If there is no dedicated spiritual director, the hermits will attend Mass at their own parishes, and will come together on a monthly basis for the sake of community.
The Plan of Life eremitical rule will be based on the Rule of St. Augustine, with constitutions specifically for the Contemplatives of Life.   The constitutions of the cloistered Dominican nuns will be adapted for CL use when the hermits decide to become cenobites (live in a monastery as nuns).

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