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The lay eremites of the Contemplatives of Life are free to follow the eremitical/cenobitic observances as long as it does not adversely impact their state-in-life.  A majority of our lay eremites are single, although we do have married members.
Those desiring to progress to the consecrated eremitical state according to canon 603 are required to be a lay eremite first.  Membership as a Dr. Gianna's Assistants for Life member is likewise required.
Both lay and canonical eremites can follow whichever spirituality leads them to God.  The pro-life devotions are not spirituality-specific.

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The distinctive garb for the Lay CL is based on women's modest modern fashions, mainly because we have all women members at the present time.  When praying at the clinic, one is permitted to represent our organization by wearing a white skirt, pink shirt or blouse, pink hoodie with Precious Feet surrounded by the Crown of Thorns pin, and small light blue tiechel. 

Since Judeo-Christianity is patrilineal, we wear the light blue tiechel on our heads as a sign of submission to the One True Living God, and His Son, Jesus Christ.  The wearing of the light blue tiechel is also reparation for abortion being human sacrifice in pagan circles.

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