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***An emerging charism that is beginning as a Congregational Recluse with the CAMM/CCMM Medical Division.***

In the pro-life world, there are many religious communities dedicated to the active apostolate on behalf of the unborn.

However, there are no communities dedicated specifically to the contemplative life on behalf of not only the unborn, but those in the apostolate.

We propose that the Contemplatives of Life be just that--contemplatives who would be the prayer powerhouse of the pro-life movement.

Our plan was for each convent to start as a hermitage, and as the vocations are attracted, the hermitage would become a skete (house of hermits).  When a number of hermits desire cenobitic life, a new set of constitutions--and slightly different habit--would be embraced.  While this is the proposed way of starting, we are open to the Holy Ghost. Please see opening paragraph.

The Contemplatives of Life also host an eremitical network. Both men and women eremitics, lay or consecrated, from all rites in communion with Rome are welcome.


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