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Cloister Outreach Affiliated New Foundations

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Please click here for the new site which is presently under construction.

The Cloister Outreach Affiliated New Foundations (CONF) has become its own entity, separate from its parent organization, Cloister Outreach.  The latter organization celebrates its 25th year of service in 2013, and CONF is a gift to Our Lord on this occasion. 
Please start your discernment journey with us by remembering that the Holy Ghost works on attraction, and we have no age limit--except 17 which is set by the Code of Canon Law.
***Due to technical difficulties with the other CONF site, this present site is being maintained for the sake of discerners.***
CONF provides the founder with their initial website, yahoo group, and founder support.  Gemma's spiritual director, a Dominican with 25 years of foundational experience, has forbidden her to do more than assemble resources for the emerging charisms.  Please come prepared to discern and compose the statutes and constitutions.
Gemma's local bishop knows of our initiatives.  If there are any questions concerning our integrity or the validity of Gemma's projects, please contact the Chancellor for the Diocese of Charlotte, Rev. Mauricio West, at chancery@charlottediocese.org 


Questions or comments? Get in touch with Gemma, CONF Admissions Secretary and Affiliate Founder, at: