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Lay Associations of Christ's Faithful

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Lay Associations of the Faithful (LAF/"third orders") are how an emerging charism is founded.  The aspirants engage in the apostolate with other faithful, then the charism promoter (founder) and their adherents (followers) separate into their own entity, known as a private preparatory association, while still participating in the LAF.
Gemma also reserves the right to introduce an initiative (lay association) if needs are discovered.  One person can be a lay association.
The faithful may belong to as many lay associations as they wish (we suggest "within reason").
LAF members need to keep in mind that the Church reserves the right to inspect the group's activities.  This is known as a "visitation," and should not be feared.
CONF's policy has always been one of transparency with the hierarchy, and we expect the members of our emerging new foundations to adapt the same attitude.  Thank you.

The websites for the newer LAFs will remain unpublished until the group has persevered in living the charism to the point of statutes production.  Statutes are under construction for the others.

We have removed the number of aspirants due to the fluctuation of numbers.  When a vocation has made their choice, they will begin to take over the ministry, and will become more known as the project progresses.

Secular Reparatrices of Our Lady of the Cloister (Lay Cloisterites) (SROLC)

Lay Society of St. Gilbert of Sempringham (Lay Gilbertines) (LSSGS)

Charity Associates of Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal (CAMM)

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