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We have a number of renewals proposed.  Two are presently in the emergence stage.
In the case of the Gilbertines and Romite Teatina, Cloister Outreach will be contacting the Masters General of the Benedictines, Augustinians, and Theatines.
The Benedictine Abbot Primate promises his prayers for the Gilbertine renewal efforts which are based in Benedictinism.
In the case of the Romite Teatina, they followed an eremitic interpretation of the active Theatine sisters' constitutions, available in Spanish on their website.  Now that the Order of Hermits (canon law 603) has been resurrected, the Romite Teatina would be a legitimate eremitical option.


The Renewal of Gilbertine Spirituality

Reparatrix Magdalen Hermitess (Reparatrix Sister Magdalens of the Merciful Shepherd)



Dominican Sisters of the Sick Poor of the Immaculate Conception and Lucy the Martyr

Sisters Auxiliaries of the Apostolate Renewal


Celestine Redemptoristines



Poor Clares of Reparation and Adoration

Romite Teatina Renewal