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Please contact Gemma, the CONF Admissions Secretary and Affiliate Founder, if you have any interest in any of these proposed/emerging charisms.  It's okay to be attracted to more than one.  Further discernment would be in order anyway, so such attractions should be noted.
Please put the name of the (main) charism to which you are attracted in the subject line of your email.  Thank you.
Admission to the yahoo groups associated with the charisms will be contingent upon correspondence with CONF.
After admission, membership on the Safe Harbor Vocation Support yahoo group will be required.  Here, the discerner will pray for the Holy Ghost to enlighten them and purify their intentions.
If, after some time on Safe Harbor, the discerner still feels attracted to the charism(s), they will be admitted to both the CONF yahoo group, and the yahoo group in which the charism will be developed.
The former group is where online conferences will be given in regards to making new foundations and other correspondence of importance to religious life, and prayer requests.  The latter group is where the aspirants to the charisms will discern and file their inspirations as their constitutions come together.

***Please note that a post-rape/abuse woman is still considered a virgin by the Church if she has lived a chaste life after the attack.***
We will not accept practicing homosexuals or pagans/wiccans.
Those experiencing Same Sex Attraction (SSA) are undergoing temptation.  They should seek remedy in the Sacrament of Reconciliation; and make use of the St. Benedict medal and rosary, and the Green Scapular.  We will work with you on this.  We encourage you to emulate the angels.  Women should keep track of their monthly cycles.
We will accept:
penitents living a chaste life ("second virginity");
divorcees with annulments;
former religious, if issues have been resolved;
religious in good standing with their community;
established diocesan hermits;
Consecrated Virgins;
Ordained clergy (priests & deacons).
The designations are primarily for statistics-keeping purposes. 

We request the following information:
1. Name
2. Age
3. Location (may give address and phone number if comfortable with sharing)
4. (Arch)diocese
5. Occupation
6. Educational level
7. How long discerning--to include communities drawn to/applied to and reason denied entry (if known)
8. Previous trials of religious life
9.  Family--especially if you have any dependents
10. Marital status
11. Any debts or other impediments to religious life

Please click here to email Gemma at CONF. Thank you for putting the charism name in the subject line.