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The easiest way for a cloistered charism to come to pass is for the founder to become a diocesan hermit.  Each diocesan hermit is their own charism, but a laura is always possible.
For instance, if one person were attracted to our proposed Flame of Love Contemplative Institute, they could change the name to "Eremites of the Flame of Love" and work toward consecration as a diocesan hermit.  Should the one person living the charism attract adherents, the group could either persevere to become an eremitical community or change the course for cenobitism (monastery).  Both eremitism and cenobitism can live on the same property, as some cenobitic charisms have provision for recluses.
The Hermits of Blessed Herman Contractus and Leonie Martin and the Contemplatives of Life both have been reconfigured to eremitical networks (lay associations) for both lay and consecrated hermits.  At this time, both networks are comprised of lay contemplatives.
The tier format is possible for the contemplatives as well.  Such has been utilized with the Cloisterite Family.

Eremetical Networks:

Blessed Herman's Eremitical Network

Contemplatives of Life (eremitical network)

Emerging Affiliates:

Cloisterite Cenobites & Hermits (men and women)

Gilbertine Renewal (women)

Reparatrix Magdalen Hermitess (Reparatrix Sister Magdalens of the Merciful Shepherd (women)


Adorers of the Holy Wounds of Our Lord Jesus Christ

Anchorites of Reparation

Bethlehem Adorers of the Nino de Atocha

Canonesses Regular of Mary, Cause of Our Joy

Carmelite Hermits of the Purity Martyrs

Celestine Redemptoristines

Children of the Kingdom of God

Cloistered Sulpician Nuns

Companions of the Soul of Christ Abandoned and the Poor Souls (click sentence; underlining not working)

Contemplative Handmaids of St. Dymphna

Contemplatives Devoted to St. Jude

Daughters of Our Lady of the Assumption

Daughters of St. Elizabeth of the Visitation

Eremitic Legion of St. Michael the Archangel

Flame of Love Contemplative Institute

Handmaid Consolers of Our Lady of LaSalette

Hermits of the Holy Ghost and Fr. Henkel

Hermits of Our Lady of Knock

Hidden Disciples of Divine Mercy

Institute of Mary, Daughter of Zion

Maria Janua Caeli Nuns (9/11 Nuns)

Mary's Little Company of Prayer for the Dying

Monks of the Visitation of Holy Mary

Monks & Nuns of St. Dismas

Mortuary Eremitics of St. Callistus I

Nocturnal Courtiers of Jesus the Merciful Infant King

Nuns of St. Joseph of Fatima

Nuns of Our Lady of America

Nuns of Our Lady of Pontmain

Nuns of the Purity of the Most Holy Virgin Mary and St. Maria Goretti

Oblates of the Virgin of the Seven Sorrows

Oblate Nuns of the Sacred Heart of Jesus

Recluses of Adrienne von Speyr

Religious of St. John Cassian

Religious Artisans of St. Luke

Religious Hospitallers of the Tubercular Saints (contemplative branch)

Reparadoras of the Holy Face

Reparatrix Adorers of the Most Holy Precious Blood (women)

Salesian School Sisters of the Divine Redeemer

Servants of the Immaculate Heart of Our Lady of Fatima

Solitaries of the Sacred Hearts & Reparation

Teresian Hermits/Cenobites of Perpetual Adoration

Tower Hermits of St. Simeon Stylites

Ursuline Nuns of Our Lady of Prompt Succor