Cloister Outreach Affiliated New Foundations (CONF)

"Betty Orders" for Delayed Vocations

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With the imposition of age limits in communities located within the United States, the concept of the "Betty Order" has arisen for those who are beyond said age limits.
The phrase came to Gemma during Mass, during the reading of the Visitation.  She understood that the older women being called to service were like St. Elizabeth, the mother of the Precursor, and the communities with shortened novitiates (six months postulance; one year novitiate; three years juniorate) would be called "Betty Orders," in the saint's honor.
Younger vocations would be welcome, but would have to realize the community is tailored to older women, thus with a shorter novitiate.  Greater maturity on the part of the younger vocation would be essential.
The following are CONF's Betty Orders:


Daughters of Our Lady of the Assumption

Daughters of Our Lady of the Cenacle

Daughters of St. Andrew the Apostle, Handmaids of the Lord

Daughters of St. Elizabeth of the Visitation

Daughters of St. Madeline Sophie Barat

Parish Workers, Little Daughters of the Holy Family