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The links through which you are about to surf are either charisms in the process of emergence, or are proposals.  With three or four exceptions, all of the ideas came to Gemma, either through prayer, or an inspiration to work for justice.
These charisms are the result of a needs assessment conducted by our outreach program, which is our parent organization.   CONF will be providing "common threads" formation, which includes Salesian and LaSallian spiritualities.
However, since Gemma is not going to be living the charisms herself (outside of the Cloisterites), she will not be writing their constitutions (as per her spiritual director's mandate).  She will be relating as much of the inspirations as she can, though, to the founders.  She will be contributing to the assemblage of resources, and can assist with the formatting of the guiding documents.  She will have an easier time retaining actual religious for the sake of formation if she has a group dedicated to making the charism a reality.
Does this need a bishop's permission?  No.  Canon law specifically states that the faithful have a right to assemble.  Canon law also says that if someone sees something needing justice, and they have to associate to correct it or do their best to correct it, just do it.
As we said above, these charisms are a result of needs assessment.  Gemma does make reports to her local bishop, so yes, the hierarchy is aware of what's happening.
As of June 13, 2013, all active charisms not already being founded will be consolidated into the Congregation of Charity of the Miraculous Medal.  These aspirants will be obligated to work in their chosen field (from among the apostolates stated) as a lay associate, then will continue to work in the field as a CCMM sister (or brother, if interest).
The cloistered charisms can be adapted for a hermit's personal eremitical charism (each hermit is their own charism).  Both scenarios are underway.

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