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The active charisms are starting as private lay associations keeping in touch through a yahoo listserv.  This lay association/third order--under CONF Standards of Practice--will have four tiers of membership.
The First Tier includes non-Catholics; religious life discerners; religious order priests; religious; and third order/oblates from other charisms.
The Second Tier is the actual "third order."  We also refer to them as "Dwellers."  This group will work toward recognition as Dedicated Laity.
The Third Tier is for Second Tier members who are attracted to deeper consecration as either virgins, penitents, or widows/widowers.
The FourthTier is for the preparatory associations. 
A new yahoo listserv will be started for the sake of the preparatory association.
The Preparatory Association will be responsible for developing the charism on the listserv, and meet-greets as they feel led to do so.
One aspirant usually will stand out among the others as a leader, and the paperwork (statutes, membership roster, website, and whatever they have written down for the emerging institute of religious life) will be put together and taken to a canonist within the leader's diocese.
It's extremely important that the first group get along and be holy. 
Once they have lived together and have working constitutions, they will petition one of their bishops for a letter of recognition as a Private Association of Christ's Faithful with the Intention of Becoming an Institute of Religious Life.
Bishops will not give "Private Association" status without the group having a lived rule in hand.  The proposed/emerging charism has to be doable before the bishop will give his recognition.  Even if he does not give recognition, the group is not being disobedient in continuing to live their life.  A bishop can only give or revoke approval.  He cannot disband the group.

Please click here to be taken to the Lay Associations of Christ's Faithful page.

We also plan to have "congregational recluses" in our active communities.  Please click the below link for more information.

Congregational Recluses

  Emerging Charisms:

Congregation of Charity of Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal


***As of the Feast of St. Anthony of Padua, June 13, 2013, all charisms, except the Gilbertine Renewal & Cloisterite Family, will be part of the CCMM.  A return to the original charism idea will be possible, but these will start as CAMM/CCMM Initiatives.***