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The discernment houses will be named for either St. Gemma Galgani or St. Benedict Joseph Labre.
Life within these houses will follow religious life as closely as possible in a lay setting.  We discourage the adaptation of any kind of habit, but a headcovering of some kind is permitted for the women.  (NOT a nuns' veil).
Residents may keep their jobs outside the house (and will need to in order to help support it), and participate in meals and prayers as their schedule permits.
During their stay in the house, residents will study the religious life.

While discernment houses on Cloisterite campuses will vary in size, shape, and capacity, we encourage discerners to investigate the possibility of sharing an apartment or house with each other.  A St. Gemma or St. B.J. house can be an apartment shared by two discerners. 

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