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Our entrance process is called "Vena Cava"--the opening to the heart.  Both cenobites and eremites will receive their formation on this list. The cenobites have their own list for the purpose of building community.
Those interested in either vocation of the Stella Maris Contemplatives are required to belong to Vena Cava.
Vena Cava begins on the First Sunday of Advent.  The first year includes an introduction to the Cloisterite charism.  Eremites will study diocesan eremitism and eremitic communities.  Cenobites will be introduced to the concept of the community.  Other topics will also be discussed.

The eremitical observance of the Cloisterite charism is more suited to those who have greater life experience.  Post-menopausal women and older men have an easier time with "stability of place."

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Our Lady of the Cloister, pray for us!