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Blessed Emilie's Notes on the Spirit of a Reparatrix

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What is required of a Reparatrix?
A heart in which our Lord has the first place and which is wholly His.
Great generosity of love, which refuses neither suffering nor sacrifice.
A profound humility of heart in the sight of God and as shown to those who represent Him.
An abandonment of one's entire self to the good pleasure of God and a continual renouncing of all the demands of nature.
Obedience, unto the death of self, a death which will give the soul freedom to live.
The patience and humility of Jesus should be found in every child of Marie-Reparatrice.
The Passion of Jesus should be the ordinary subject of meditation during the hours spent before the Blessed Sacrament, till one is thoroughly penetrated with it.
The meekness and charity of Jesus should be on the lips and in the hearts of all.
All should know that a Reparatrice is a victim, and that a victim never spares herself.
                                                                Marie de L'agnus Dei, pages 125-126

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