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Our externs will wear a habit similar to these OSF sisters.

The externs are the guardians of the cloister & custodians of the external areas of the monastery.
People skills will be a must for the externs.  They may be the only bible anyone may ever read.  Older men and women may be more suited to this vocation.
Our Cloisterite externs will wear a long navy blue habit & navy veil with wide white headband for the women, and long navy blue habit with attached hood for the men.  There will be no belts or medallions.  Rosaries will be carried in the pocket.
Externs will join the community for Mass.  The extern quarters of the monastery will have business hours, most probably 8 am to 6 pm.
The externs' sleeping quarters will be just inside the enclosure door, separate from the rest of the community.

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Our Lady of the Cloister, pray for us!