Company of Charity of Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal (CCMM)

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The habit of the emerging Company will be sapphire/royal blue, for Our Lady,

with small white collar, for the Yoke of Christ,

a red cord, for reparation,

and six decade rosary on green cord, for hope.

The 3-Way Pardon Crucifix will be worn, beginning at Postulance.

The white veil will have a peaked coif, reminiscent of the cornette.

Postulants will wear a sapphire/royal blue skirt-and-cape ensemble with the 3-Way Pardon Crucifix, and six-decade rosary on a pink cord.

Novices will receive the habit, their level in formation being designated by the six-decade rosary on white cord.

At profession, the white-corded rosary will be exchanged for one with a green cord.

Recluses will receive white capes, even from postulance.

Shoes will be according to the needs of the wearer.

The actual cornette, smaller than that of the mainstream Daughters of Charity, may come to pass at some time in the future. But, for now, the above is what the Company will be wearing.

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