Congregation of Charity of Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal (CCMM)

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The habit will be sapphire blue, honoring Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal.
The white collar represents the Yoke of Christ.
The white cornette is representative of the presence of the Holy Ghost in the world.  The cornette also serves a practical function of sun shield for both the sister and those whom she is serving.
The red cord cincture is significant of the Lord's Service and the charism of reparation.
The rosary worn on the belt is a reminder of Our Lady's solicitude toward her children.  The rosary's green cord exemplifies the virtue of hope.  (We will use a green cord if such can be procured).
The Miraculous Medal--provided by the aspirant herself and worn around the sister's neck--brings graces upon the wearer, and reminds the world of Our Lady's great gift of this particular sacramental.
Shoes: the kinds of shoes worn by the sisters will be determined by their individual needs.

Cornette instructions have been made available to us.  We will be working on a smaller version.


The cornette will be identical to the above photo, only smaller.  However, we have a right to start the sisters with a long white veil and pointed coif.

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