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Celestine Redemptoristines

Formula for Profession of Vows

Of the Formula of Profession and Confirmation of Vows

Oh most almighty, most blessed and immense Trinity, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, behold Your Maidservant, humbled unto the very depths of her miserable nothingness, ennoble my soul unto Your image. As Redemptor You ransomed me, as Spouse You chose me from thousands by the excess of Your Charity.


Today I, N. N., promise You and make my vow to live and die in perpetual chastity, obedience, and poverty, so that they may be the three nails of love which will hold me inseparably nailed to Your cross all the time of my life, and by the power of the Holy Cross may I conquer my enemies; the world, the demon and the flesh.


I promise by means of Your grace to faithfully observe the evangelical counsels of my Rule and Constitutions, and for their observance I offer my person and life to Your Majesty and to this holy Institute; so that, imitating the examples of Your most holy life, oh my beloved Saviour, You may grant me entrance into Your eternal Kingdom, where I may enjoy You for ever and ever,  Amen.

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