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Celestine Redemptoristines


The Rule of the Celestine Redemptoristines is based entirely on the revelations of Venerable Celeste, and omits any changes made to it by St. Alphonsus Liguori and Bishop Falcoia.
The Celestine Redemptoristines exist to tell the world about what Jesus did for us all: salvation of our souls by dying on the cross, then rising from the dead.
The first paragraph of the revelations to Venerable Celeste was from God Himself, stating that Immense Love caused Him to send His Son.  The Redemptoristines were to be living images of the Divine Son, and that He was the sole Head and Founder of the Order.
The spirit of the order consisted of two things: scorn of self and ardent charity toward God and neighbor.
The aim of the Rule was the imitation of His Life.  The number of nuns in each monastery was set at 33, in imitation of His years on Earth.  The Spirit of the community was to be perfect unity, charity, and simplicity, which was His own spirit with His apostles.
He also gave specific rules for days of the week, Sundays, and feast days.  The 25th of the month was to be kept in honor of His Birth.  The religious exercises of that day were to be consecrated to the Incarnation.
There were to be three periods of mental prayer each day, and three hours of strict silence, in honor of His Agony on the Cross.
The nine fundamental virtues, plus the three theological virtues, would be honored--one per month.  The three theological virtues are faith, hope, and charity.  The nine fundamental virtues are fraternal charity; poverty; chastity; obedience; meekness and humility of heart; mortification; recollection; prayer; self-denial; and love of the cross.

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