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Monastery of the Most Holy Redeemer, Bolwarra Heights, Australia


The Nuns strive to live the Rule with the Traditions and Spirituality of Blessed Maria Celeste, in a way that she would recognise. The life of the nuns is centered on the life of Christ. Each act of the day is observed in the memory of an event in the life of Jesus. In this way they strive, not just to imitate Jesus, but to be a living memorial of Jesus, true to their motto "Viva Memoria".

Blessed Maria Celeste wrote the Rule as it was revealed to her by Christ. The Rule has aspects of the Carmelite and Visitation Orders with other aspects that are uniquely Redemptoristine. Blessed Maria Celeste specified Nine Rules for her sisters. The headings are: Mutual Union and Charity, Poverty, Purity, Obedience, Humility and meekness of heart, Mortification, Recollection and silence, Prayer, Self-abnegation and the love of the Cross. The nuns take four vows of Poverty, Chastity, Obedience and Enclosure. They do not leave the enclosure unless it is absolutely necessary.

The nuns, centered on the life of Christ, serve in an apostolate of prayer, silence, solitude, atonement, praise and intercession.

From the OSsR Constitutions:

It was the will of the Father that the Order of the Most Holy Redeemer should have a specific role in His church: to be a clear and radiant witness of the love He has for us in Christ (John 3:16) He calls the Redemptoristine today to be a living memorial - Viva Memoria - a constant reminder - of all that the Son accomplished for our salvation during his life on Earth. In this way the Redeemer is able to accomplish His work of salvation in us and through us.

The Order of the Most Holy Redeemer is made up of communities which strive to live fully the Gospel of Christ in every aspect of their human and religious life.

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