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Monastery of the Most Holy Redeemer, Bolwarra Heights, Australia


Monastery of the Most Holy Redeemer

 Redemptoristine Nuns, Australia


(Basic Outline)


5:30am           Matins

                        Morning Meditation

                        Interval (breakfast)


7:45am           Lauds


8:30am           Holy Mass



9:15am           Terce


9:30am           Great Silence Ends



11:30am         Sext


                        Litany of the Blessed Virgin Mary


12:10pm         Dinner with religious tape or reading

                        Procession to Choir, prayers, wash-up

                        Retire to Cell (rest or exercise in winter)


1:00pm           Little Silence Begins


2:00pm           Work


3:00pm           Acknowledge the hour of Christ's death

                        "Immerse yourself in my Passion. 

                        Implore my mercy for sinners"


3:15pm           Afternoon Meditation on the Passion of

                        Our Lord (either in Choir or in a Station



3:45pm           None


4:00pm           Little Silence Ends

                        Tea (Friday: Confession)

                        Free for work, study, personal

                        recreation or exercise.


4:45pm           Lectio Divina


4:55pm           Spiritual Reading


5:30pm           Exposition - Holy Hour,

                        Evening Meditation

                        Vespers (Friday: Benediction follows)


6:40pm           Supper with Recreation or religious

                        tape/sacred music, wash-up


7:40pm           Interval


8:15pm           Great Silence Begins


                        (Wed/Sat hermit night: Compline private)

                        Retire to Cell

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