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Monastery of the Most Holy Redeemer, Bolwarra Heights, Australia

Stages of Formation


She will be asked to bring her own modest clothes (long dresses or skirts). A simple black veil will be provided. She will follow a flexible timetable, living with the nuns and learning about their life. The length of this stage can vary, but must not be more than three months.


A Postulant (or Educande) is a person who is in the first stage of religious life. There will be a short, but beautiful, Entrance Ceremony into the Enclosure (though she may leave at any time). She will receive a Postulants blue dress and simple black veil. There is some flexibility in the timetable. The length of this stage is between eight and twelve months.


A Novice is a person who is in the main training stage in the religious life. She will be asked to choose a Religious name and will receive the white head-dress and white veil. The Noviciate lasts for two years.

First Profession

This is when the novice makes vows for a restricted amount of time. This stage is also known as "Junior Profession" or "Temporary Profession". She receives the red habit, black veil and blue mantle of the community. The four Vows are usually taken for a period of three years.

Final Profession

This is also known as "Life Profession". The four vows of Poverty, Chastity, Obedience and Enclosure are promised for life. She receives a ring to signify her commitment and the nun becomes a full member of the community.

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